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Industrial vacuum cleaners from Steamaster ideal for cleaning hospitals

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Steamaster Australia offers a range of ride-on, walk-behind and backpack vacuum cleaners that are ideal for industrial settings, particularly hospitals.  

Ride-on vacuum cleaners are very efficient, so they are perfect for cleaning large hospital areas such as waiting rooms or emergency departments, along with larger sized hospitals that span many levels.  

Ride-on vacuum cleaners come equipped with a number of different attachments to make the cleaning process easier yet thorough. These include detailing wands that are designed to reach hard-to-clean areas, such as behind chairs and in doorways.  

Ride-on vacuum cleaners produce very minimal noise so they are optimal for hospital settings as hospital cleaning can be conducted without disturbing staff and patients.  

Walk-behind vacuum cleaners are best suited to small and medium sized spaces such as hospital hallways and offices. These machines are easy to operate and manoeuvre, and they effectively remove dirt, dust and debris.

Walk-behind vacuum cleaners can be stored in a multitude of different spaces by virtue of their compact design.  

Backpack vacuum cleaners are very compact and are best suited for use in confined and narrow spaces, such as hospital stairwells and around delicate medical equipment. 

Because they operate on battery power, backpack vacuum cleaners can be used when cleaning areas that may have limited access to an electrical outlet.  

Backpack vacuum cleaners are lightweight so they can be carried out easily and reduce back strain for the operator, which allows them to move efficiently from one hospital area to another.

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