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Electric pressure washers Vs. fuel pressure washers - The right tool for the right job

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Steamaster Australia explains the individual benefits of electric pressure washers and fuel pressure washers.

While enumerating their respective advantages, Steamaster Australia advises prospective buyers to choose the right pressure washer model based on their specific cleaning application and environment.

While electric versions have favourable qualities such as high cleaning power and low noise levels, fuel pressure washers come with a petrol or diesel engine and are able to provide a portable cleaning solution. 

Additionally, electric pressure washers are lighter, quieter and inexpensive, and can be used both indoor and outdoor, while diesel and petrol pressure washers provide the advantage of portability, last longer and are more powerful. 

Both types however, provide a cleaning solution that is reliable.

Electric pressure washers

Key advantages of electric pressure washers include: 30 to 50 times more effective and powerful than the standard garden hose and more water efficient; smaller and lighter than petrol and diesel pressure washers, and therefore easier to carry around; low noise levels can benefit cleaning operations in noise-sensitive areas or workplaces during working hours; complete absence of exhaust emissions allows use in indoor and outdoor cleaning; lower purchase cost; and less maintenance requirement.

Fuel pressure washers

Key advantages of fuel pressure washers include: no requirement for electricity to operate, allowing use in areas with no access to a power outlet; better portability; longer working life than electric versions, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment every few years; and more powerful performance, making them suitable for cleaning large areas and tackling heavy-duty applications with less effort and in less time.

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