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Dehumidifiers and air scrubbers among the range of water damage equipment from Steamaster

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Steamaster Australia has an array of products that can be used by restoration specialists to alleviate the effects of water damage. These include dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, flood pumps and ozone generators.  

Dehumidifiers effectively lower the humidity levels of a particular room or space. This subsequently reduces microbial growth as the conditions that accelerate the growth of such organisms are eliminated.  

Dehumidifiers can also be used to remove large amounts of standing water, and they are great for minor water damage.  

Air scrubbers are responsible for cleaning the air in those areas affected by water damage. The air scrubbers feature a HEPA filter, a tool that is designed to remove mould, mildew and bacteria from the surrounding air.  

Air scrubbers are available in both wet and dry forms. Wet air scrubbers have a wet cloth or pad that is designed to trap mould, mildew and bacteria particles. On the other hand, dry air scrubbers have an inbuilt purifying system that contains chemicals.  

Both systems are designed to eliminate pollutants that thrive in the air to promote safety and hygiene.  

Flood pumps are responsible for extracting the excess water that surrounds buildings after floods, torrential rains and other natural disasters have occurred. By removing the excess water as soon as possible the flood pumps effectively prevent the further deterioration and decay of buildings, and minimise the long-term impacts of water damage. 

Ozone generators efficiently remove the smell of mould, mildew and other matters that often linger in water-damaged areas. They can also be used to remove the smell of smoke that is caused by fires. By eliminating all odours, the ozone generators help to transform the water damaged space back to its original condition.

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