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Choosing quality commercial vacuums for school maintenance

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Cleaning equipment specialist, Steamaster Australia recommends the use of commercial vacuum cleaners for easy and effective school maintenance.

Commercial vacuums have the capability to suction up both dry and wet wastes, and can handle almost all surfaces with ease to provide a hygienic learning space for students, teachers and staff.

It is important to select quality commercial vacuum cleaners for school maintenance.

Key criteria for commercial vacuum selection: 


Commercial vacuum cleaners must be powerful. The greater the power, the more effective will be the cleaning. Commercial vacuums that feature dual vacuum motors and strong suctioning capabilities are recommended.

Air filters

Commercial vacuum cleaners with air filters will not only improve surface cleanliness but also the air quality. HEPA filters, for instance can remove fine particles such as tiny dust specks, dust mites, dust mite faeces and allergens to prevent air contamination.

Quiet operation

Commercial vacuums for noise-sensitive environments such as school facilities must offer quiet operation. Industrial vacuum cleaners with low operational noise levels must be selected. Ride-on vacuum cleaners for instance, feature a ‘quiet mode’ for daytime cleaning.


Commercial vacuums are available in several different models including ride-on, stand-up, backpack and upright vacuum cleaners. Steamaster advises schools to select the most suitable model for their cleaning needs.

Steamaster Australia offers a comprehensive range of commercial vacuum cleaners for diverse environments.

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