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Carpet cleaners to clean office buildings

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Commercial cleaning equipment specialist, Steamaster Australia recommends the use of appropriate carpet cleaners to ensure the longevity of carpets.

Carpet cleaning equipment suitable for office buildings is available in a range of options and includes low flow carpet cleaners, portable carpet cleaners, truck mount carpet cleaners and carpet extractors among others.

Low flow carpet cleaners

Low flow carpet cleaners such as the encapsulation carpet cleaning machines ensure that a carpet is left almost completely dry after it is cleaned. These carpet cleaners not only lower drying times, but also reduce water wastage and excess money spent on wastewater disposal.

Portable/ truck mount carpet cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners and truck mount carpet cleaners are ideal for cleaning stubborn greasy and muddy stains on office carpets. The powerful action of these carpet cleaners comes from their industrial-strength pressure. While portable carpet cleaners are suitable for small to medium sized areas, truck mounts are ideal for cleaning larger office spaces.

Carpet extractors

Carpet extractors are a wise investment for office spaces as these cleaning machines utilise steam to extract more bacteria and dirt from carpets, and are more effective than vacuum cleaners. Useful for achieving a deep clean, carpet extractors do not need to be used regularly.

Carpet cleaners are effective for cleaning surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, chairs, rugs and curtains, and can be found at Steamaster, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of carpet cleaning equipment.

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