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4 reasons to use vacuum surface cleaners

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Vacuum surface cleaners are a range of powerful surface cleaning machines designed to simultaneously clean and suction up the wastewater to leave an almost dry surface.

Vacuum surface cleaners get the job done, no matter the size of the surface or the type. Lightweight construction, user-friendly design, unique vacuuming capabilities and durable brushes are some of the advantages of vacuum surface cleaners in surface cleaning applications.

Top 4 reasons to use vacuum surface cleaners:

Lightweight construction

Vacuum surface cleaners are built lightweight, making them easy to lift, carry and move around. Featuring a smooth glide to clean surfaces quickly and evenly, the vacuum cleaners offer user-friendly operation with easy-to-understand control panels.

Low profile flexible design 

The low profile design allows vacuum surface cleaners to reach under and clean hard-to-access areas such as countertops. Also used for cleaning walls, the machine easily swivels around corners.

Durable brushes 

The brushes on vacuum surface cleaners are durable enough to clean porous surfaces such as stone, brick and concrete without wearing out. The brushes will not scratch, mark, scuff or scrape the surfaces.

Suction power 

The powerful suction of vacuum surface cleaners removes leftover cleaning solutions and wastewater to leave floors almost completely dry, preventing potential slip and fall hazards.

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