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Cold & Hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners available from Steam & Fluid Control

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Sioux manufactures a complete line of electrically heated, electrically driven hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners, now available from Steam and Fluid control . These machines use no fossil fuels and produce no exhaust. Explosion-proof models are available for use in high-risk areas.

Industrial hot and cold pressure washers and steam cleaners (clean, sterilise, disinfect, and degrease equipment, grounds, and facilities)The pressure washers are excellent for removing oil, grease, dried-on mud, thick dirt, sludge, and paraffin.

The steam cleaners are excellent for cleaning grease and oil, sterilising, disinfecting, degreasing, dissolving resins, de-icing, flushing away chemicals and poisons, and degassing. Ideal for preparing surfaces for painting or other treatments.

Options for hot water pressure washer and steam cleaner models include: alternate electricals including 50 Hz, water tanks, stainless steel frames and heating coils, gas engines, diesel engines, generators, custom dimensions, and many more. Available trailer, skid, or caster mounted, these products can be used in any application. Specific requirements can also be be catered for, if the equipment in the standard line doesn't meet the needs of the client, Steam and Fluid Control will custom design a specific machine.

Steam & Fluid Control also has available Walters Steam Guns for use with all pressure washer & steam cleaner models. Walters Steam Guns and accessories are built for the toughest cleaning situations. The proprietary stainless steel valve easily handles 230° super-heated water temperatures blasting through at 45 litres per minute. The unique EasyFlow  construction means the guns can take 10,340 kPa of pressure with virtually zero loss for maximum cleaning power.

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