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Steam Australia on advantages of Steam Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning continues to grow in all areas of the hospitality industry as the increasing numbers of users so readily testify. Everyone from Star City to Brumby’s Bakeries and Contractors such as Compass are singing the praises since making the switch to steam.

Steam is versatile and the machines are perfectly suitable to a variety of individual uses. Everyone has different cleaning needs and steam hits the spot time and time again.

Steam Australia , the Sydney-based company, which supplies large range of commercial Steam Cleaning machines in the country, reports that market demand has far exceeded its expectations.

The versatility of a Steam Cleaning machine in a bakery is immense. It can literally improve every area in a bakery from ovens, floors, walls, ceilings, grouting, bench tops, fridge seals and even clean flour and grease from blocked up fridge condensers. The air flow of the unit has been improved thereby prolonging the life of the fridge motor.

Bakers Delight Franchisee Peter Conacher says “We use steam for cleaning ovens, hoods, racks, fridge condensers, water chiller condensers, ceilings, front counter woodwork and any item that gets a build up of grease, wheels, power outlets and pipes. Using the cleaner is safer for my employees and I know our bakery is cleaner.”

Mark Rosenberg Managing Director of Steam Australia says, “No matter how expert the cleaning staff, the old, traditional mop and bucket method just doesn’t stack up. It requires chemicals, which can be left as residue on surfaces.”

“The dirt is simply smeared about into corners and over time, residues, dirt and grease build up to provide the ideal growth environment for dangerous organisms and the risks of direct and cross contamination”.

“In contrast, Steam Cleaning, which operates at temperatures of 100 – 130 degrees C, eliminates such dangerous build up. It removes dirt and dissolves grease and at the same time, leaving only pure water as opposed to potentially harmful chemical residues. And this applies not only to floors, walls, sinks, storage areas and working surfaces, but to normally hard-to-clean.”

Steam Cleaning can also be utilised throughout an entire premises, whether this is a hotel, club, restaurant, hospital, nursing home or canteen, just about any business in fact.

The latest high tech machines can handle any cleaning/sanitising job – furniture, upholstery, drapes and blinds, carpets and even windows - in every room, including food serving areas, dining rooms, bars, gaming areas, staffrooms, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets.

Star City Public Area Manager Michael Gilzean agrees, “The machines have many applications both front of house and back of house, kitchens, bathrooms, escalators/lifts, and they are also a most effective way of reducing chewing gum on pavements and carpet. The quality of Steam Australia’s machines are the best we’ve ever seen”.

Mark Rosenberg Managing Director of Steam Australia sums up the main advantages of Steam Cleaning machines in commercial situations as effectively safe and labour saving.

No chemicals are required in the process. Only a small amount of water (and the energy to heat it) is needed to generate the blasts of dry steam, which penetrate to every hard-to-reach and hidden corner and crevice, cleaning, sanitising and killing harmful germs.

The machines are available in a wide range of sizes and are user-friendly and flexible enough to handle any job, big or small, high or low.

Many businesses and institutions have already made the changeover and all indications are that others will follow the trend as the buzz about Steam Cleaning becomes even louder.

Already the converted are describing the process as win/win/win. Management is winning by reducing labour, energy and chemical bills and by minimising the dreaded risks of food contamination and the consequent threats of heavy fines and litigation.

Patrons and staff are enjoying safer, more hygienic environments. And the environment is benefiting through a reduction in the use of cleaning chemicals and the saving of resources such as energy and water.

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