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Range of steam cleaning machines available from Steam Australia

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Methods of cleaning have changed little in the last hundred years. The only major advances have been in chemical agents and detergents. What is required today is a piece of equipment that will clean and sanitise while being;

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use and
  • Versatile.

Steam Australia  has a range of machines which, utilising ordinary tap water, converted to steam, will remove the tough of stains and provide more versatility than other cleaning options.

The major problem in any food processing area is grease. This can accumulate and create a dirty and slippery environment to work in. This not only decreases visual appeal but also is unhygienic and often dangerous.

In restaurants, cafés and other kitchens where grease is a particular problem steam comes into its own.

Using just tap water these machines will cut through thick layers of grease, grime and baked on carbon in almost no-time and all of it without using a single drop of cleaning chemical.

This means that a freshly cleaned surface is ready for immediate use as no rinse down is required to remove chemical agents. The versatility of this cleaning method is immense.

Virtually anywhere that had to be cleaned with soap and sponges can now be glistening in half the time by using steam.

Front of house cleaning in environments such, as hotels guesthouses and nursing homes is an essential task. Customers must always be treated to spotless surroundings so there is a need for a compact cleaner and vacuum in one easy to use package.

Steam can spot clean carpets and upholstery and can also sanitise mattresses, toilets, and sinks thereby cutting costs of chemicals labour and time.

Busy supermarkets are notoriously difficult areas to clean especially with many now open for 24 hours. Cleaning deli counters, refrigerators and freezers as well as any spills and stains on the floor are tricky as it means closing areas off to the public for a period of time.

That time though, can be minimised with the use of steam cleaning. Tiles, grout, mats and rugs can all have the better than new look. But the front of the store is not the only place where cleaning is required.

Behind the scenes in the bakery ovens and baking trays are constantly in use and need cleaning as quickly as possible. Steam can help in this situation.

In the meat section cutting boards, sinks and display case will be left clean and bright in half the time due to steam.

Hospitals require something stronger due to their size and the amount of cleaning required. Only a powerful steam cleaner and vacuum will clean and sanitise the large amount of hospital equipment and surfaces which require constant cleanliness.

Ambulances and wheelchairs, trolleys and mattresses require regular cleaning. Further adding to the versatility of steam is its ability to clean grease, grime, and stains from a hospital’s, ever busy, canteens and kitchens.

Also using steam in a hospital has the added benefit of being able to kill the dangerous super-bugs MRSA and VRE. Steam cleaning in the hospital environment has the potential to save both money and lives.

Vehicle interiors especially in car sales need repeated cleaning as a reason of maintenance. Cleaning of cushions, seats and the cars engine itself is no problem and will leave any vehicle fully valeted.

Finally a look at the people who know cleaning better than anyone: Contract cleaners. If you have not noticed by now steam cleaning is a phenomenally versatile method of cleaning that is suitable for 99% of cleaning tasks.

Steam Australia distributes a wide range of steam cleaning machines for the listed environments and many more.

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