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New road tanker earthing system available from Static Electricity Control

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article image Earth-Rite plus dual mode road tanker earthing system

Earth-Rite plus dual mode is a road tanker earthing system featuring capacitance check and resistance monitoring.

Designed to prevent the accumulation and discharge of static electricity during road tanker filling and unloading, the Earth-Rite plus dual mode ensures that correct bonding and grounding procedures are carried out before the transfer process begins.

The Earth-Rite plus dual mode available from Static Electricity Control carries out a unique tanker verification check before switching over to monitor the static earth path.

The system only becomes permissive when these two conditions are within correct parameters, thereby eliminating the potential for operator error.

Local indicator LEDs confirm the earth condition of the road tanker to the operator, whilst the internal voltage free switch contacts may be interlocked with pumps, valves, alarms etc.

Earth-Rite plus dual mode test unit (CPT):

The CPT unit is designed to allow the Earth-Rite plus dual mode system to be tested without the need for a road tanker to be present. This feature can be particularly useful during installation or annual maintenance when a tanker is not available.


  • Quick release clamp and cable
  • Cable reels

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