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Meech boosts film slitting and rewinding productivity

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The Meech Pulsed DC 976 shockless system, presented by Static Electricity Control Pty Ltd, is a particularly appropriate solution to situations where static build-up caused by packaging film being pulled from a roll, passed through a slitting process and finally rewound, results in problems and loss of productivity. These particular processes cause a build-up of static electricity on the film that results in a variety of problems both to converters and their customers.

The electrostatic charge on the film attracts particles, creating contamination, which is unacceptable in the medical, food processing and many other quality-sensitive industries. In addition, because the slitting and rewinding processes result in the build-up of a combination of both attraction and repulsion charges, the final reels often fail to wind correctly, leading to difficulties in loading and running. Serious health and safety issue can also arise from static shocks that are often more than merely unpleasant.

The massive electrostatic charges which build up in reels of plastic film, may, in certain circumstances, be strong enough to throw an adult across a room when discharged.

Static caused by film slitting processes cannot be discharged through conventional grounding because plastics do not conduct electricity, so the charge must be neutralised using ionisation.

The new Meech Pulsed DC 976 system achieves effective long-range neutralisation, which is further enhanced by its unique array of emitters.

The system allows adjustment of both the pulse rate/frequency and the ion balance, enabling the user to control the effective range of the system for his specific application. Furthermore the resistively coupled emitters make the 976 the first truly shockless pulsed DC bar. The Meech 976 requires minimal maintenance and its easily removable and replaceable sharp titanium emitter pins provide for both speedy maintenance and an extended product life. The adjustable ion balance improves static elimination and the pulsed DC nature of the bar ensures a longer range and wider coverage than has previously been possible.

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