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Fascia Graphics invests in latest static control technologies

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FASCIA Graphics, the market leader for the production of membrane keypads in the printed graphics industry has just invested in the latest static control technologies from Meech International, represented by Static Electricity Control . This new investment will reduce dust attraction and electrostatic discharge within Fascia's state of the art factory - further improving the company's reputation for its product quality.

Following the development of a £100,000 printing line in 2005, this new investment in static control technology is another example of Fascia Graphics' approach to providing customers with the highest possible levels of quality and performance. The company has invested in a wide range of Meech static control solutions based on both AC and Pulsed DC technologies, including the shockless 915 bar, the long range shockless 976 bar and the 935 fan driven air system.

Paul Bennett, Managing Director of Fascia Graphics, says that Fascia Graphics has always prided itself on its product quality, with membrane keypads, overlays, labels and associated products all meeting the highest quality standards. It not only invests in the latest technologies to improve standards, but also carries out internal and external audits on a monthly basis and use the latest Production Control Software to monitor the performance of delivery.

This new technology will reduce the likelihood of the following common effects of uncontrolled static charge:

1. Product Misbehaviour - creating blockages and poor productivity in even the most modern machine design

2. Dust Attraction - charged dust particles can reduce product quality and increase reject rates

3. Ink "Spidering" - leading to poor print quality

4. Operator/Personnel Shocks

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