Static Electricity Control

Supplying static electricity services to industry and commerce. Services include: Office carpet spraying; Electronic workshop ESD programs; Ionising equipment for all machinery; Pinning equipment; Installation and maintenance. Static Electricity Control are the Australian Agents for Meech Static Eliminators & Meech Air.


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15/10/07 - Pipe grounding paddles remove static charge from low conductivity liquids such as solvents when flowing through insulating or lined pipework systems.
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12/10/07 - The design of the Bond-Rite clamp from Static Electricity Control provides enhanced safety and security by continuously testing the connection of the clamp to the container or other conductive item of plant and providing visual verification of this c
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11/10/07 - During aircraft fuelling operations, the fuelling vehicle (fuel servicing hydrant vehicle, aircraft fuel servicing tank vehicle or bowser) should always be bonded to the aircraft by a cable designed for this specific purpose.
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10/10/07 - The Earth-Rite multipoint system available from Static Electricity Control maintains hazardous area and operator safety at all times by operating from a single intrinsically safe power supply.
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