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Trailing cable protection systems provided by Startco

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Startco  is a supplier of various electrical equipment which include trailing cable protection, Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitors, relays, feeder protection system, motor protection system, retrofits, bearing protection unit and so on. Under trailing cable protection systems, Startco provides various Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitors which include SE-105, SE-107, SE-134C and SE-135.

The SE-105 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor provided by Startco can be used as a remote starter control, helps to monitor portable power cable and detects ground-faults in the cable or connected equipment, open ground-check loops and shorted ground-check loops. The SE-105 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor can be used on systems of up to 5kV and applicable for surface mines, underground mines, quarries and submersible pumps.

The SE-135 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitors supplied by Startco are integrated with many features which include Zener-characteristic termination assembly which provides reliable ground-check-loop verification, LED indication of Ground-Check Trip, Valid, Open, and Short, LED indication of Ground-Fault Trip and Sensor Health, LED indication of power and diagnostic error and wide range of ground-fault current and time set points.

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