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Range of electrical and electronic components supplied by Star Delta

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Star Delta  is a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive range of electrical and electronic components. Some of the electrical components provided by Star Delta include transformers, chokes, reactors, wire wound components, inverters, DC power supplies, variable transformers and so on.

Under transformers, Star Delta supplies a range of transformers which include stock transformers, special single phase transformers, constant voltage transformers, special 3 phase transformers and sheet metal enclosures. Some of the features of stock transformers supplied by Star Delta include compact design, easy installation with accessibility to mountain holes standard input voltage of 240V and 415V, standard output voltage of 240V (except 240 pri), 110V, 32V, 24V and 12V. Stock transformers are based on AS61558-1 (Safety of Isolation Transformers).

Constant voltage transformers provided by Star Delta are useful for applications where stable voltage output is required but the input voltage fluctuates. Constant voltage transformers are short circuit proof transformers which provide an added degree of safety and protection.

Star Delta also provides a range of DC power supplies which include linear power supplies and switch mode power supplies. Linear power supplies provided by Star Delta are integrated with transformer and rectifier. The transformer help to step down the voltage whereas rectifier helps to convert the voltage to DC.

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