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Jenix digital readouts from Standaco Machinery Sales

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Standaco Machinery Sales  supplies the DSC-703EDM and DSC-800 series of Jenix digital readout devices.

Supporting direct conversion of units (mm/inch), the Jenix digital readout’s memory can last up to 10 years without power. The battery built into the counter enables pre-saved data preservation, even without power.  

The aluminium diecast external housing is matched by a membrane keyboard and a red light function lamp. With a voltage consumption of 15W and an operating temperature between -5 and 4, the Jenix runs on AC 80 ~ 264V, 50/60Hz.  

Users are able to sum up 2 axes’ values, such as feed values. Summed values are displayed on the Y-axis display panel. Counting direction conversion is supported, moving direction is able to be converted with either plus or minus selectable values.  

Zero approaching (incremental machining) is able to be used through pre-setting axis coordinates. For absolute positioning applications, the Jenux counter can save 100 coordinates to memory.  

With over 10,000 holes able to be made along the circumference of a basic circle, the Jenix can increase efficiency when working on molds or processing. Preset and preset recall are supported, as are changing resolution, display zero, and testing FND.  

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