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Different services from Stainless Designs

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Stainless Designs  is an engineering and fabrication company that serves different industries like residential and commercial buildings, dairy , marine, beverages and food industries. The various services of the Stainless Designs company include folding, welding, rolling and machining of stainless steel.

Customers can have a wide collection of products from Stainless Designs including outdoor furniture, handrails, platforms, walkways, and stairs, cabinets and enclosures, powder transfer equipments, valve manifolds and keyplates, tanks, vessels and hoppers.

Stainless Designs provides equipments and mechanical installation services for both the existing plants and also for new one. The installation services includes positioning , orientating and securing of the equipment and also the plant. The fabrication services of Stainless Designs include cold rolling, welding, folding and cutting. Stainless Designs also provides project management services on a consultancy basis, engineering and design services, and drafting services which includes pipe drawing, 2D and 3D format drawings and the drawings of equipments that are to be manufactured.

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