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Stainelec's new generation of cordless rescue tools from Edilgrappa

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article image Model F150N T40 Cordless Cutter
Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment  introduces a new range of electric and petrol-powered hydraulic rescue tools designed to enable quicker and more efficient rescues.

Edilgrappa’s hydraulic rescue tools are self-contained, cordless and battery-powered rescue tools that do not require power supply, hoses or couplings for operation.

Designed to revolutionise rescue operations in the Australian and world markets, the powerful cordless cutters/ spreaders are always ready for immediate action in rescue situations where time and accessibility can be major factors.

Edilgrappa cordless rescue tools come with rechargeable batteries that offer over 30 minutes of operation per battery and will hold the charge when not in use. The cordless tools allow easy movement during rescue work in hazardous environments.

Specifications for Model F150N T40 Cordless Cutters: 

  • Power source: 36 volt rechargeable battery
  • Operating hydraulic pressure: 700 bar
  • Cutting output: 40 ton
  • Blade opening: 145mm
  • Weight of tool: 19kg
  • Length of tool: 785mm

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