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Stainelec launches new hydraulic hole puncher

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article image Cactus XP-3 hydraulic hole puncher

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment announces the availability of the new Cactus XP-3 flexi head hydraulic hole punchers suitable for punching round and square holes in switchboards.

Featuring a simplified design with the integrated pump and cylinder allowing the operator to apply the puncher unit to any working position, the XP-3 will help users punch holes on various materials including mild steel up to 3.2mm and stainless steel up to 2mm as well as copper, brass and aluminium materials.

The cutting dies are specially designed for Stainelec to withstand wear and tear with 55 HRC hardness for long life under normal working conditions. The 55 HRC die sets provide strong resistance against wear even while punching stainless steel. A 360-degree flexible rotatable punching head is also provided for use in space constrained applications such as punching inside sheet metal switchboards and control cubicles.

The XP-3 hydraulic hole punchers help achieve a clean burr-free hole, eliminating the need for filing to remove burrs or jagged edges after punching.

Key features of the portable Cactus XP-3 hydraulic hole punchers include simple, fast and easy operation; 6.2kg weight and 320mm long; and powerful performance with hydraulic output capacity of 8 ton and operating pressure up to 700 bar.

Model XP-3 is available as a standard kit comprising of XP-3 hydraulic hole puncher unit, 7 round punch and die sets - 16, 20, 22.5, 25, 32, 40 and 50mm, 2 piston shafts, and 1 carry case.

A comprehensive range of punch and die sets is available from 15mm to 90mm (round) and 20mm to 50mm (square). Custom size punch and die sets are also available.

Cactus hydraulic puncher XP-3 is made in Japan for Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment.

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