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Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment announces Icaro's P55 range of rebar benders

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article image P55 series rebar benders offer an output bending force of 7.5Hp
Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment has further extended its range of Icaro rebar machines with the introduction of the P55 range of rebar benders.

In this range, models are available with electronic pre-set controls for up to 10 programmed angles for bending. Standard models have a pre-set range for up to 5 program settings.

Specifications of Icaro P55 rebar benders include:
  • output bending force of 7.5Hp
  • maximum size rebar 55mm Dia @ 45 kg /sqmm; and
  • weight 800Kg.
Stainelec has just sold one of these new rebar benders for an LNG infrastructure project in Gladstone Qld. This project is one of the largest mining projects in Australia.

Where applications require bending and cutting, Stainelec recommends Icaro's TP50/54, suitable for all site work with construction and mining industries.

Choosing the right rebar bending machine or combination bender/cutter for a given application is important to ensure productivity and reliability. These considerations are particularly important when working on:
  • slab floors and industrial floors
  • parking structures and highway construction
  • residential, industrial and commercial buildings
  • mining infrastructure
  • storage tanks for coal, grain, water, chemicals, LNG and water construction
  • nuclear containment structures; and
  • pre-stressed and pre-tensioning concrete work.
Stainelec notes that the Icaro brand is known for reliability as all parts are 'Made In Italy' and assembled under quality control inspection to meet ISO 9001 and CE certification.

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