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Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment imports, markets & distributes quality precision equipment to the Metal Fabrication, Construction & Building, Plumbing, Electrical & Switchboard Industries.

Rebar Benders and Cutting Equipment Range

  • Cordless rebar cutting tools to cut 13mm rebar, 16mm rebar and 20mm rebar Electric rebar cutting machines to cut 13mm rebar, 16mm rebar, 20mm rebar, 25mm rebar and 32mm rebar 
  • Portable rebar benders available to bend up to 32mm diameter high tensile rebar
  • Stationary rebar cutters and rebar benders up to 50mm diameter rebar 
  • Full range of rebar fabrication equipment available

Cordless Rebar Cutting and Bending Tools 

  • Extensive range of rod cutters and rebar benders available to enable you to get the job done quickly 
  • efficiently and safely 
  • Hydraulic cutters are powered by using an electric pump which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid in the chamber, pushing the cutter jaws closed and performs the cutting action 
  • Rebar cutting equipment can be electric or cordless with rechargeable battery 
  • Hand held rebar cutting machinery and rebar benders use electrically driven hydraulics to ensure smooth, power and fast results

Stainelec are Australian Agents for leading brands including Ogura, Edilgrappa, ARM Sangyo, B&C & Icaro. We can supply you from our extensive range of hydraulic rebar cutters to improve your OH&S requirements.

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13/10/16 - Stainelec presents the Prota-Cut, a powerful cordless container seal cutter designed to safely and cleanly cut high tensile seals and locks with ease.
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16/08/16 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents a new range of electric hydraulic rebar cutters from Ogura designed for use in factory and onsite applications.
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18/05/16 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment announces the launch of a new range of battery powered rebar cutters from Ogura.
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15/09/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of cordless rebar straighteners designed for plant operators to straighten coiled wire material easily in the rebar processing industry.
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26/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Ogura's HRS battery cordless rescue system, a portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools.
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