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Ogura cordless cutters available with special harnesses for air rescue teams

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article image Ogura BC-300 cordless cutter can be supplied with special harnesses for air rescue personnel

The Ogura BC-300 cordless rescue combi cutter/spreader available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment meets the requirements of all types of emergency situations including air placement of rescue personnel to remote regions.

Ogura cordless rescue cutters can be supplied with specially designed harnesses to accommodate the rescue equipment for these applications.

Ogura BC-300 cordless rescue cutters are part of the Ogura range of rescue tools designed for easy operation with no requirement for an auxiliary power source. The HRS system allows the operator to quickly change the work heads to suit different spreading and cutting applications. The tool also allows a jack and rams to be fitted to the cordless hydraulic pumps for use in search and rescue situations.

The new Ogura BC-300 portable battery powered combi cutter is ideal for emergency services rescue, remote rescue, forcible entry, auto extraction, and collapsed and confined space rescue.

Key features of Ogura BC-300 cordless rescue cutters:

  • Twist grip style control allows fine movement for safe release of loads when used in lifting and pulling modes
  • Well-designed controls simplify operation in difficult conditions
  • Handle at the centre and rear can be independently adjusted 360 degrees to allow optimum positioning in awkward situations
  • Can be supplied with 3.5 A/hr Li Ion batteries for longer use
  • 300mm opening
  • Spreading force at 5.9 tons
  • Extremely portable with no set up time required
  • Allows immediate response to rescue situations without the need for any auxiliary equipment
  • Heavy duty serrated steel blades provide non slip cutting action
  • Dual moving blades provide better spreading capability
  • Cutter blades can be replaced after constant vigorous usage in seconds

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