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Ogura HRS cordless rescue system from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment

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Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment  presents Ogura's HRS battery cordless rescue system, a portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools.

Featuring a modular design, the HRS system allows users to select only those tools suitable to their tasks, thereby allowing professionals the freedom to purpose-build their cordless rescue equipment. Ogura’s range of hydraulic cordless tools offers high reliability, powerful performance and ease of use.

Ogura HRS cordless rescue systems feature a ‘closed’ hydraulic system that minimises maintenance. The newly upgraded capacity HRS pump now incorporates a larger oil reservoir to operate the new 200mm door opening tool mainly used for doors fitted with security chains, such as in hotel rooms.

Precision tool manufacturers of Japan since 1928, Ogura offers a range of hydraulic equipment designed for professionals to cut and bend high tensile rebar and rescue tools.

Stainelec also offers an extensive variety of rebar tools used in the construction industry for all cutting and bending applications.

Key features of Ogura HRS cordless rescue systems:

  • Interchangeable tools offer flexibility and ease of use for cutters, spreaders and jack cylinders
  • Cordless hydraulic pump has excellent output performance
  • Connection of hydraulic pump by hoses or directly to the pump
  • Enables immediate response for rescue operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • New larger capacity pump allows for 200mm door opener

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