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New range of cordless cutters for rescue work

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article image Cordless cutter or spreader for rescue operations
Edilgrappa's new cordless cutter/spreader tool is designed for all applications in rescue operations.

This combination tool - or 'combi-tool' as  referred to by rescue personnel - is available from leading innovator of hydraulic technology, Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment .

The cordless rescue equipment combines the cutting and spreading functions of various tools into one single tool.

In operation, the tips of the spreader-cutter's blades are wedged into a seam or gap. Once the seam has been spread, the blades can be repositioned around the metal.

The device is engaged in reverse and the blades close, cutting through metal. Repeating this process allows a rescuer to quickly open a gap wide enough to pull free a trapped victim.

The blades can spread or cut with a force of several tons with the tips of the blades spreading up to 300mm.
Edligrappa has various combi tools for all applications with the self contained hydraulic pumps powered by rechargeable batteries, petrol and electric models.

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