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HP-3 hydraulic hole puncher from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment

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The popular HP-3 hydraulic hole puncher from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment  has received good reputation with electrical and plumbing trades people.

HP-3 hydraulic hole punchers feature a 2-stage hydraulic pump (high & low pressure) which enables a quicker and easier operation to penetrate holes in sheetmetal, stainless steel and aluminium. HP-3 hydraulic hole punchers are portable and weigh just 4.5Kg with an output performance of 10 ton capacity.

This powerful and easy to operate hole puncher unit requires minimal effort to operate and provides a professional finish to the material being punched.

HP-3 hydraulic hole punchers have been specifically designed with a vast range of accessories available which include the ability to use metric or imperial size punch and dies. Standard punching capacity hole sizes range from 15.2 through to 120mm diameter and a maximum thickness of material:

  • 3.2mm for mild steel
  • 2.4mm for stainless steel
  • 6.0mm aluminium

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