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HBB-19180DF cordless rebar benders from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment

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The HBB-19180DF cordless rebar benders available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are designed to comply with OH&S requirements for the rebar industry.

Specially designed for cordless operation, the HBB-19180DF rebar benders are powered by Makita's LX DC motor with the new 18V Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

The HBB-19180DF cordless rebar benders develop up to 600 bar output from the advanced design radial hydraulic pump. The well designed controls increase efficiency for the operator while operating in difficult conditions.

Key features of HBB-19180DF cordless rebar benders:

  • Holding handle at the centre and rear can be independently adjusted to allow 360-degree rotation
  • Cordless design allows the operator to work in on-site environments
  • Bends of 90, 135 and 180 degrees can be completed quickly at the correct elevation after forming material has been removed
  • Maximum material capacity of 16mm rebar, with radius bending to 180 degrees
  • Cordless hydraulic radial bender powered by Makita Lithium Ion batteries
  • Maximum bending capacity: D16 @ 490/mm²
  • Bending speed: D16 (20 seconds)/ D13 (16 seconds) at 180 degrees
  • Weight of tool: 12kg
Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment is the sole Australian agent for Ogura rebar cutting, bending and punching equipment including hydraulic bar cutters and rebar benders.


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