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Edilgrappa model 320DE concrete crushers available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment

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Available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment , the Italian made Edilgrappa model 320DE concrete crusher is designed to remove concrete structures and is used easily without vibration and dust when in operation.

With an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate the Edilgrappa model 320DE concrete crusher is safe and reliable and, thanks to its portability, is suitable for rescue situations and demolition works in the construction industry.

The concrete crusher allows the operator to easily remove concrete structures without disturbing existing fixture material. Again, it is extremely useful for rescue situations as it allows extrication from collapsed walls, stair cases, lift shafts, columns, etc.

In the construction industry, the 320DE concrete crusher is widely used for removal of foundations, stairs, beams, chimneys, strong rooms and many other structures requiring removal without vibration.

With a high yield output and effectiveness without noise and dust, the 320DE concrete crusher is a must for site works in today's urban areas. The powerful crushing jaws develop up to a 31T output, with maximum crushing thickness at 300mm.

The 320DE concrete crusher is powered by a specially designed Edilgrappa remote hydraulic pump that has an air cooled hydraulic system for continuous use. The working pressure of the pump is 700 bar and it is available in both electric or petrol powered versions. The pump comes with a 6m high pressure hydraulic hose with quick disconnect fittings.

The Edilgrappa 320DE concrete crusher is also available with a "spring balancer" for easier operation.

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