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Stabilus supplies dampers and DORSTOP

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Stabilus  is a supplier of dampers, DORSTOP, gas springs, hydraulic vibration dampers, automatic systems for doors and so on. The damper supplied by Stabilus is a hydraulic damping element which consists of a pressure tube with a connection fitting, a piston rod with piston system and a piston rod connection fitting. The piston rod is mounted in a special seal-guide system in the pressure tube. The piston rod in the pressure tube features a damping piston and the related valve system. The movement of the piston displaces the filling medium (oil), which is pressed through the valve system and thus produces the damping force.

Dampers supplied by Stabilus are designed in such a way that they optimally match the particular application and are needed to influence the nature of movements and vibrations.

Some of the characteristics of dampers supplied by Stabilus include hydraulic dampers help to influence the characteristics of oscillations, compact design with high durability and reliability, usable even in rugged environments and so on.

Stabilus also provides DORSTOP which holds the vehicle doors in any desired setting and provides various other benefits like doors can stay open even when the vehicle is tilted and so on.

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