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Gas springs, dampers and various equipment supplied by Stabilus

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Stabilus  is a manufacturer of hydro-pneumatic adjustment elements (gas springs), hydraulic vibration dampers, Stepless Door Positioning System, truck lids, tailgates, automatic opening and closing systems for doors and so on.

Gas springs suplied by Stabilus are hydropneumatic adjusting elements which consist a pressure tube, a piston rod with piston and appropriate connection fittings. Gas springs are filled with compressed nitrogen which acts with equal pressure on differently dimensioned cross-sectional areas of the piston. Gas springs provided by Stabilus are proven and reliable method of counterbalancing large covers and objects and they offer ideal capabilities for safe lifting, lowering and positioning heavy or cumbersome objects.

Gas springs provided by Stabilus are more versatile than mechanical springs and offer various advantages which include speed-controlled dampening, cushioned end motion, simple mounting, compact size, flat force curve ans so on.

Apart from gas springs, Stabilus also provides the Automatic Flap Opening and Closing System which is a remote controlled device and provides smooth movements across full range of motion with end position dampening and various other advantages to customers.

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