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Spun casting products offered by Spunaloy Castings

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Spunaloy Castings  is a company which provides metal solutions to various industries. Spunaloy Castings has been functioning for the last sixty years and it specialises in ‘high integrity non ferrous’ (spun) castings. An Australian company, Spunaloy Castings is now recognised for its service and quality products.

Spuncasting is a process of casting which results in a product having a fine grain structure. The physical properties of the products are also improved. The inclusion free surface and peripheral strength enables even gear teeth to be cut on the spuncast products.

Spunaloy Castings’ products are proof machined. Thus these products receive porosity and an inclusion free casting. The spun casting is done prior to other expensive machining operations. Spun casting also helps in saving time and money for customers.

Products offered by Spunaloy Castings include liners, flange bushes, washers, bushes, gears, worm wheels, wear strips, lead screw nuts, aluminium bronze, leaded gunmetal, gunmetal, phosphor bronze, manganese bronze, aluminium and cupro nickel.

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