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Non ferrous centrifugal spun castings from Spunaloy Castings

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Spunaloy Castings  specialises in manufacturing and supplying non ferrous centrifugal spun castings. Spunaloy Castings also offers supply proof machined stock items according to both Australian and International standards. These spun castings are supplied with mill certificates and also analyse other materials.

Spunaloy Castings spins castings that are 2 metres in diameter and length. Spunaloy Castings analyses spun casting samples with help of spectrometer in order to identify the appropriate type of material. This methodology adopted by Spunaloy Castings ensures to provide quality non ferrous spun castings to its customers. Some of the products offered by Spunaloy Castings include gears, wear strips, bushes, flange bushes, worm wheels, liners, washers, gun metals, aluminium, manganese bronze, cupro nickel and lead screw nuts.

Spunaloy Castings offers centrifugal spun castings which has its own benefits. The spun cast from Spunaloy Castings offers improved physical properties and finely grained structures. The surface of the Spunaloy Castings is free from inclusions and allows even gear to cut grades of spun cast products. Spun castings from Spunaloy Castings come with proof machine castings. These proof machine castings are free from inclusions and porosities.

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