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Spray Technology from Spraying Systems Co for Meat, Poultry and Seafood Processing

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Leading spray technology specialist Spraying Systems Co offers a comprehensive range of systems for applications in general food, meat, poultry and seafood processing plants.  

Recognised globally for their design and manufacture of spray system solutions, Spraying Systems Co aims to achieve high standards of food safety and coating technology, working in partnership with food processors to maximise effectiveness while minimising wastage.  

The AutoJet range for the food processing market offers spray technology solutions for: 

  • Antimicrobial spraying on food to reduce microbe counts
  • Spraying flavouring or seasoning onto food
  • Spraying pathogen protection into food packaging containers
  • Spraying water or chemical coatings onto food prior to freezing

AutoJet’s advanced and proven spray technology plays a critical role in applying antimicrobial chemicals and other coatings to meat, poultry and seafood. Automated systems deliver consistent and reliable coatings by utilising easy-to-use on-board software that ensures a fast start-up.  

PulsaJet automatic spray guns deliver accurate spray placement and exceptional spray patterns at high speed. Combined with their fast on-off operation (up to 10,000 times per minute) and precise control of flow rate, the PulsaJet spray guns allow for faster line speeds and increased productivity.  

Spraying Systems Co. also offers food manufacturers a broad range of automatic spray nozzles to suit diverse applications.

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