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SPRAYING Systems has released the AutoJet programmed, modular spray system. It is suited to moistening, lubricating, marking, disinfecting, and coating applications required by food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

The system is suitable for operation with electrically and pneumatically operated atomising and liquid spray guns, via two independently programmable channels controlling up to 28 guns. The controller monitors and adjusts parameters such as spray pattern, flow rate, drop size, liquid pressure, and atomising air pressure.

Eight spray control regimes are possible. Pulse-width modulated spray control minimises the formation of mists and reduces wasteful over-spraying. Batch control enables rapid change-over of spray control parameters for multiple product requirements in a single production line.

The SprayLogic screen editor software permits uploading of user-created menus and operating parameters on external PCs. The SprayJet controller software incorporates a diagnostic routine and can be programmed to shut down the system on specified fault conditions.

The AutoJet spray system uses factory air, pneumatic guns, and a 19, 38, or 60 litre liquid storage tank pressurised by the system's oil/water trap. Spray guns powered by an internal 24Vdc supply can be used or pneumatic control can be selected.

The system can be supplied with a range of spray guns and accessories such as the PulsaJet which can control electrically operated guns at rates as high as 100 cycles a second.

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