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New Spraying System VMAU-PM spray nozzle introduced

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The new Spraying System VMAU-PM spray nozzle is suited to applications including food coating, lubrication and spraying of adhesives, sealants, finishes and coatings. Because of the independent control of liquid, atomising air and fan air, both droplet size and spray pattern can be independently controlled to minimise over-spray and to provide a uniform spray.
 The Delrin nozzles are efficient in operation and anti-bearding options are available to minimise material build-up at nozzle tips. The modular design with piston actuator allows the VMAU-PM spray nozzle to be accessed for routine maintenance without having to disconnect it. Installation is fast via flexible tubing with quick-connect fittings.
The VMAU-PM nozzles are available to provide material flow rates between 2.8 and 276 litres/hr at pressures between 0.2 and 1.4 Bar. Actuating cylinder air is 2.4 Bar or more, and atomising and fan air may be set to 6.2 Bar max.

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