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AUTOJET Technologies, a division of Spraying Systems Co , has introduced the AccuCoat low mist spray system that is suitable for spraying low volumes of viscous liquids such as chocolate, butter and margarine, release agents and oils, and syrup.

Low mist headers based on standard Spraying Systems’ air atomising nozzles operate at minimal air and liquid pressures.

By reducing operating pressures and positioning nozzles closer together and close to surface to be sprayed, misting and overspray are greatly reduced. The result is a cleaner and safer work environment and reduced plant maintenance.

An electrical control panel built around the Model 2250 AutoJet spray controller monitors and adjusts the closed loop spray system by regulating liquid and air flow to the header.

The controller also maintains temperature control in heated systems based on input from multiple temperature sensors.

The controller features Spray Logic software and is pre-programmed with parameters and function screens to food coating applications, saving time and money during installation.

A liquid delivery system with dual tank configuration provides a constant flow of sprayed product without interruption. These pressure tanks eliminate shear often caused by pumping viscous liquids.

The liquid level is monitored by the AutoJet spray controller and changeover from one supply tank to the other is automated, eliminating downtime for tank refill.

Designed specifically for food grade applications, all wetted parts of the AccuCoat system are stainless steel or Teflon.

Several options are available to enhance system functionality of the system:

* Liquid recirculation - reduces clogging and minimizes liquid waste.

* Liquid and air heating - maintains liquid at the proper temperature for spraying and ensures that the system's atomising air does not cool the liquid being sprayed. This option is highly recommended for liquids that are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation, such as chocolate.

* Automated tank wash - the AutoJet spray controller can be programmed to activate Spraying Systems’ mini rotating nozzles to automatically clean liquid supply tanks.

* Automated tank agitation - to ensure product consistency, the AutoJet spray controller can activate pneumatic tank agitators to prevent product separation.

* Touch screen controller - the touch screen makes input of spray parameters and control of system operation even more convenient.

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