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article image Windjet air knife assembly.

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SPRAYING Systems has released the Windjet air knife assembly. It is aimed at industrial, food manufacturing, and packaging plant applications.

It has a tear-shaped cross section and extended knife edge, allowing the visual lineup of the knife and a high velocity air stream that entrains surrounding air. The air knives are available in lengths from 152mm to 914mm in aluminium and stainless steel. Knife slot widths of 1mm and 1.5mm are available.

Gast regenerative blowers are available in ratings from 3.6kW to 14.1kW, providing efficient compression through air acceleration building in the impeller. This yields performance figures comparable to multistage and positive displacement blowers. The blowers provide a nonpulsating, oil-free air flow that is warmed in the compression stage.

The blowers are available with HEPA air inlet filters that remove 99.971% of particulates to 3 microns. They also feature motor starters, mufflers, and mounting adapters.

Air knife accessories include manifolds for multiple-knife operation from a single blower and air cannons for the concentration of air streams into holes, crevices, and bottles.

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