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Silvent 209 compressed air nozzles available from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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article image : Silvent 209 Air Nozzle, Silvent 209L Air Nozzle and Silvent FlexBlow Hose

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Compressed air is commonly used for cleaning, drying, cooling, transporting or sorting in general manufacturing processes. Silvent, innovators of the air safety nozzles, offer a range of nozzles for use with compressed air.

The Silvent 209 series compressed air nozzles, available from Spray Nozzle Engineering , reduce compressed air wastage (thereby reducing cost) and provide a safer working environment by significantly reducing the noise created from compressed air usage.

The basic Silvent 209 air nozzle is made of zinc and is suitable for most types of manufacturing operations. Protective fins on the nozzle prevent direct contact between the skin and exhaust ports, thereby ensuring a ‘dead-end’ static pressure of 210 kPa (30 psi).

The Silvent 209 series nozzles have been installed in many different applications- applications where the noise level has been cut in half and energy consumption reduced; a noise reduction of 65% and cost savings of 37% when compared to an open pipe of diameter 4mm. For greater cost savings, the new generation nozzle, 209L is also available.

The Silvent 209 series nozzles, available with either a male or female connection thread, can also be ordered in a variety of finishes, such as aluminium surface treated with nickel to handle tough environments, (the Silvent 215), or zinc coated with Rilsan plastic to protect sensitive products from scratching, (the Silvent 218).

The Silvent 209 Series can also be mounted on a bendable FlexBlow hose that maintains the desired position even at high pressures. The Silvent 209 Series is available in six standard lengths.

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