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New safe air nozzles available from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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article image Silvent’s compressed air nozzles

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Silvent’s patented safety nozzles are designed to reduce the turbulence that is the primary cause of the high sound levels associated with blowing operations with compressed air.

Silvent silencers allow you to effectively muffle the sound of single or multiple valves. Impulse noise from pneumatic valves can be reduced by up to 30 dB (A). Silvent’s silencer systems eliminate hazardous noise and oil mist in all compressed air systems.

The various silencers are divided into three product groups: hose silencers, central silencers & expansion silencers.

Any factory using compressed air has a potential need for Silvent’s products; some uses may include to clean, transport, dry or cool down parts or products.

Silvent’s compressed air nozzles easily fulfill the requirements that OSHA and the EU Machine Directive stipulate regarding noise levels and compressed air safety.

Silvent’s compressed air nozzles are available from Spray Nozzle Engineering .

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