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The unique patented, self cleaning M-Series Tank Washer provides trouble-free operation and superior hydraulic water impact via channelled water jet streams in a true 360° spray.

The M-Series Tank Washer is powered by the cleaning fluid itself, which ensures that they distribute an even, heavy, stream-like pattern to thoroughly clean tank interiors; this is unique to the M-Series Tank Washer.

With special emphasis on cleaning points of entry, along with a concentrated downward wash-jet for cleaning centralised agitators, the M-Series Tank Washer produces a superior cleaning action when compared with similar cleaning devices.

The M-Series Tank Washer’s sanitary design is ideal for CIP [Clean in Place] applications, as used in the wine, food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and it provides superior tank cleaning results at low pressures and low flows.

The increased cleaning efficiency lead to shorter cleaning cycles, thus reducing total operational costs; less water or cleaning chemical usage.

More information on M-Series Tank Washer is available from Spray Nozzle Engineering.

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