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Lafferty foggers used to eliminate offensive smells from brewery

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A California brewery installed Lafferty foggers to eliminate offensive smells from their wastewater treatment plant caused by malfunctioning equipment.

Complaints from neighbours to the city council in late 2011 regarding offensive smells coming from their wastewater treatment plant prompted the Mendocino Brewing Company to install new equipment to tackle the problem. The new equipment was designed to automatically control the pH of the pond and neutralise bad odour. When the complaints continued due to faulty equipment, the brewery installed Lafferty fogger products, eliminating all offensive smells.

Lafferty Equipment foggers are typically used for sanitation in food and beverage facilities and for odour control in food waste processing areas, making them an ideal solution for the brewery’s odour problem. After consultation with Lafferty, the Mendocino Brewing Company installed a 4-way pump fed fogger, fogger controller and Dosatron panel in March 2012.

The 305 4-way pump fed fogger projects light, damp mist particles up to 7.6m each way and features a solution needle valve to fine-tune the fog particle size. The fogger body is constructed of machined polypropylene and contains a chemical check valve that prevents drips after shutdown.

Lafferty’s fogger controllers are designed to manually or electronically control the fogger. The fogger controller installed at the Mendocino Brewing Company can be programmed to run the fogger on a cycle determined by individual requirements and on a repeatable cycle until the unit is either switched off or re-programmed.

The Dosatron panel, a central chemical feed system for pump fed fogging systems delivers RTU (Ready To Use) chemical solution to the fogger, by diluting the chemical concentrate in the required ratio via a water-driven proportional dispensing system. The Dosatron is available in polypropylene or PVDF construction, with fully adjustable dilution ratios ranging from 1:3 to 1:5 and choice of seals. It can be supplied as a complete system, mounted on a panel or within a lockable stainless steel enclosure for ease of installation and convenience.

Since the installation of the Lafferty products, the Mendocino Brewing Company has had no further complaints of bad odours from their wastewater treatment plant. The Lafferty fogger products work in cohesion to automatically control the treatment pond’s pH at the correct level, keeping the neighbours happy with no more bad smells. 

Spray Nozzle Engineering is the sole supplier of Lafferty Equipment products in Australia and New Zealand.

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