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Gamajet IX tank cleaning machine saves time and money at personal care products plant

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A Gamajet IX tank cleaning machine was installed at a personal care products manufacturing plant as an economical and efficient CIP solution.  

Personal care, pharmaceutical and food processing plants are constantly under pressure to meet stringent sanitary and quality standards. Tank cleaning systems used by these production plants must be able to provide a thorough clean every time while offering efficiencies in both costs as well as time.  

This particular personal care products facility was facing problems with the cleaning process during product changes. The existing CIP system was unable to meet sanitation requirements, causing production line lags.  

The plant tanks had to be filled with alcohol and agitated for hours, as the original cleaning process using spray balls was not meeting the required sanitation standards. The production process did not operate at full capacity, as the long cleaning process caused the production line to stop, costing time and money.  

The plant decided to trial the Gamajet IX tank cleaning machine, which provided a better, more thorough clean in less time, saving the plant $8,000 and reducing the cleaning time from eight hours to one hour.  

A mobile CIP (Clean In Place) system, designed and modified to match customer requirements was implemented at the personal care products plant as it was much cheaper than renovating the existing CIP system. The new system also met the safety, budgetary and cleaning requirements of the customer.  

Key features of the Gamajet IX tank cleaning machine:  

  • Ensures a thorough clean at low/ medium pressures and volumes
  • Fits in small openings (3”), making it ideal for cleaning tote tanks and smaller tanks
  • Fluid driven operation delivers optimum cleaning in one cycle, lowering cleaning time and costs
  • Touch screen panel helps control the cleaning process
Spray Nozzle Engineering is the sole supplier of Gamajet tank cleaning machines in Australia and New Zealand.

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