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Gamajet GentleJET barrel cleaning machines scrub the dirt from wine barrels

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Gamajet introduces the GentleJET, a new range of barrel cleaning machines designed to provide a thorough clean of wine barrels without damaging the barrel’s toast.  

Toast refers to the level of charring applied to a wine barrel during construction. The toast must not be damaged or removed as it influences the taste and aroma of the wine within the barrel.  However, wine barrels need to be regularly cleaned to remove the tartrates and other deposits.  

Gamajet GentleJET wine barrel cleaning machines employ Gamajet’s rotary impingement technology at low pressure (60 psi) to gently scrub the wine barrel’s interior and remove tartrates and various soils.  

The toast is not damaged in any way since the machine operates at low pressure to minimise the cleaning fluid’s impact within the barrel. The gentle cleaning action also prolongs the wine barrel’s use by 1-2 years.  

Key advantages of Gamajet GentleJET barrel cleaning machines:  

  • Ensures a thorough clean every time, using less time and water than traditional wine barrel cleaners
  • Does not contain a pressure washer, preventing costly repairs and maintenance
  • Does not contain exposed gears, eliminating cross-contamination and ensuring 100% clean
  • Ideal for use on both oak and stainless steel wine barrels
Spray Nozzle Engineering is the sole supplier of Gamajet tank cleaning machines in Australia and New Zealand.

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