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article image BETE TF spiral nozzle: full cone, 60°, 90° or 120° metal

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Dust is a major problem during mining processes that can hinder both production and worker safety.

To combat this, Spray Nozzle Engineering offer the BETE TF type dust control nozzles suppress dust that can arise in several areas, such as air-handling ducts, conveyer transfer points, dump pits and loading hoppers.

The BETE TF type nozzle is a spiral nozzle that is available in a wide range of flow rates and spray angles. BETE invented the spiral nozzle; dirty water commonly found in mine situations can be used to spray with the spiral nozzle due to its low-clog design.

No internal parts ensure that the BETE TF nozzle provides clog-resistant performance with energy efficiency. The BETE TF nozzles ensure fine atomisation via high discharge velocity through either full or hollow spiral cones.

Spray angles of 50° to 180° and flow rates of 2.26 – 10,700 litres/minutes are available with the BETE TF nozzles; higher flow rates are available.

The male connection comes as standard, with the female connection available upon request. Spray Nozzle Engineering also has a range of quick installation nozzle holders for low cost, quick attachment to both metal and PVC water pipes.

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