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Control Pathogens with Lafferty 517 Sanitisers from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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Lafferty 517 sanitisers available from Spray Nozzle Engineering are a range of chemical application equipment designed for contamination control in food manufacturing environments.  

Viral or bacterial contamination is an ongoing problem in food production processes. Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli are among various pathogens and spoilage bacteria that can cause serious contamination.  

Lafferty 517 sanitisers from Spray Nozzle Engineering help food manufacturers gain control of these contamination threats by ensuring complete cleaning, reliably and economically.

Key features of Lafferty 517 sanitisers: 

  • Provides dilution ratios for no-rinse applications in food plants
  • Long spraying distance, enhanced flow and wide spray pattern
  • Works with a range of water pressures from 35psi to 125psi
  • Chemically-resistant construction using machined polyproplyene for the injector body and stainless steel for the ball valves
  • Robust construction prevents costly downtime from maintenance or replacement parts
  • Venturi action is non-electric, involves no moving parts and requires no pre-mixing of chemicals
  • Faster application of the cleaning chemical results in labour cost and time savings
  • Colour-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios ensure accurate dilution rates and control of chemical use
  • Wall-mount models are available with heavy-duty stainless steel enclosures
  • Portable sanitisers feature all stainless steel carts to hold a 5-gallon chemical container
  • Also available as a 2-way system, allowing for alternation between two different chemicals or two different ratios of the same chemical

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