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CLOUD 360 spray nozzle for tank cleaning from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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Industry has looked to CLOUD since 1964 to solve serious tank cleaning problems in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The CLOUD 360 spray nozzle available from Spray Nozzle Engineering combines the new materials with the advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques to ensure a product that delivers a ‘total’ tank cleaning solution.

As the CLOUD 360 can be used in either portable or CIP (Clean In Place) configurations, it is ideal for many industries such as beverage, food and pharmaceutical production, tank truck and terminal storage; it is also extensively used in the dairy industry, having won excellence awards for manufacturing efficiency.

The CLOUD 360 contains a self-lubricating flow-thru, with self-rinse passages to keep the bearing system and gears rinsed free of debris. Various nozzle configurations are available with the CLOUD 360; dual or triple nozzle housing, along with eight nozzle sizes (ranging from ¼” – ⅝”) and two interchangeable gear ratios (655:1-std or 273:1-fast), all of which ensure the CLOUD 360 unit can be tailor-made to match the exact cleaning and tank size requirements.

Stacked or vertical gears ensure long lasting wear compared to worm gears often used in other tank cleaning units. The CLOUD 360 operates in temperatures up to 121ºC and a pressure range of 2.8 to 24 bar.

The flow range varies from 9 to 79m3/hr, with an effective scrubbing radius up to approx. 24.5 metres. The unique properties of the CLOUD 360 combine to produce a product that ensures reliability, better tank cleaning and faster turnaround times.

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