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BETE FF series nozzles available from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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At many stone mines and quarries, dust is a problem that can cause health issues and equipment damage. To combat this, the BETE FF series nozzle, available from Spray Nozzle Engineering , prevents dust occurring before it becomes a problem, by effectively wetting roads within the mine or quarry area.

The BETE FF series nozzle is a fan nozzle whereby the liquid (in this case, water) is forced through a small elliptical hole to provide a thin and flat sheet of spray. Available in either metal (brass or stainless steel) or plastic (PVC or PTFE), the BETE FF series nozzle features a one-piece construction that is clog-resistant and durable. It delivers a coarsely atomised, medium-impact spray that is deflected at 75 from the inlet axis.

The extra-wide spray angle allows the user to choose their required coverage. For example, wide area coverage can be achieved quickly by attaching two, ¾” FF500 nozzles on either corners of a water truck. Smaller areas or single lane wetting can be achieved through the use of a smaller FF series nozzle, such as the FF148. Spray Nozzle Engineering stock a range of cannons/monitors for large area dust suppression and nozzles that can be used for both dust control and special hazard deluge fire sprays for conveyors and transfer points.

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