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Sponsor Portal, a centralised sponsorship assessment tool

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Sponsor Portal  is a part of Cordett. Sponsor Portal is an automated sponsorship assessment tool which is completely web enabled. It is a management system which supplies cost effective and web based software applications for improving the work flow and information management of corporates.

Sponsor Portal offers a sponsorship management system by layering a sponsorship management tool to compliment the client’s proposal management functions. Sponsor Portal is a centralised system for receiving, evaluating and managing all the sponsorship proposals. This system also has an automated email response facility and requests from customers can either be mailed or sent as a hard copy.

Each sponsorship proposal is rated by the Sponsor Portal and this system allows clients to score proposals based on target market match, property fit, market reach and other criteria which may be determined by the brand managers or executives. Sponsor Portal also generates customised reports based on the needs of clients. These reports are within the timeframe as requested by the decision makers.

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