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Portable tube fans from Spitwater NSW

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Spitwater NSW  provide portable tube fans designed to produce high velocity and high pressure air flows which in turn induces the surrounding air. To effectively obtain air movements over large distances, the volume of moving air increases with the distance of travel. Air speed as low as 1.25 mps increases comfort considerably while at 2.5 mps, intense local heat can be tolerated.

Other features and specifications of portable tube fans from Spitwater NSW include:

  • Air speeds of up to 7mps
  • 400 mm high performance
  • Finger-proof guards
  • Steel case with carry handle for ease of transport
  • 2 metres heavy duty electrical flex with 10 Amp and 3 pin plug
  • 240 volt power rated at 1.5 Amps
  • 180 Watt motor, 1400 RPM, totally enclosed
  • 15 kg weight
  • 950 Lps discharge flow rate
  • 7 mps discharge air speed
  • Less than 180 watts power consumption
  • 64 decibel operation at 3 m for a quiet operation

Spitwater NSW provide quality, fully-featured and reliable portable tube fans and are ideal as cooling solutions.

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