Spitwater NSW

Spitwater NSW are providers of high quality pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, dryers, fans and drain cleaning equipment. The range also includes fan forced, popular, portable industrial Jefire (LPG) and Spitfire (Diesel) space heaters.


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21/01/11 - Spitwater High Pressure Water Cleaners have been designed as multipurpose solutions for washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in commercial and industrial applications.
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15/11/10 - Spitwater NSW are dedicated to providing all manner of industries and operations effective pressure cleaning equipment including diesel engine pressure cleaners.
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12/11/10 - Spitwater NSW presents its series of cold water electric-commercial pressure cleaners, the Turbo 8/90, Turbo 10-100 models and the 8-100C, 10-120C, HP1008 models.
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12/11/10 - Spitwater NSW provide portable tube fans designed to produce high velocity and high pressure air flows which in turn induces the surrounding air.
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Spitwater NSW (Head office) Update these details
130 Gipps Road
NSW 2164
Tel: 02 9725 4211
Fax: 02 9725 2631

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