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Spitwater Australia offers commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners

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Leading Australian manufacturer of cleaning and heating equipment, Spitwater Australia offers a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners to suit a wide variety of cleaning applications.

The humble vacuum cleaner has transformed into one of the most widely used cleaning tools today with models ranging from simple cleaners for offices and shops through to wet and dry vacuum cleaners used by tradies and workshops, to the sophisticated, high capacity industrial vacuum cleaners used to clear unwanted matter from industrial production machines.

Spitwater Australia’s imported vacuum cleaner range offers solutions to most cleaning challenges with a choice of three product lines: Goldline and Silverline commercial vacuum cleaners in addition to Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners.

Goldline commercial vacuum cleaners

Spitwater’s premium range of vacuum cleaners, the Goldline series offers nine different models including dry as well as wet/dry machines. These Italian imports are supplied standard with high quality Ametek motors as well as quality tools and accessories.

Models in the lower end of the range use single 1,100 Watt (max) motors while vacuum cleaners at the top end of the range have two or three motors.

The smaller vacuum cleaners are ideal for general cleaning applications in offices and shops, and are also favoured by tradies and smaller workshops for their robust construction, ease of use and portability.

The medium size range uses the 40mm hose size and larger industrial type tools. These single motor machines offer high capacity and are excellent for smaller warehouses as well as work sites for removal of large quantities of waste.

Larger vacuum cleaners in the Goldline range are available in a choice of four models, all with 60L waste bins. While two are twin-motor machines using the 40mm hose and tool set, the other two are genuine three-motor vacuums using the 50mm diameter hose and tools.

The high capacity Goldline vacuums are ideal for big warehouses and factories as well as removal of large amounts of waste from building sites. A CBE model is available in both two and three motor machines featuring a large 60cm outrigger at the front for vacuuming large areas quickly.

Silverline commercial vacuum cleaners

Spitwater’s economy range of vacuum cleaners, the Silverline series offers five models with more affordable pricing. All are wet/dry machines with four models featuring stainless steel tanks and one, a specialist water collection machine with a poly tank and drain ball valve.

The two smaller models feature single 1,100 Watt motors and have 15L and 30L waste bin capacity, respectively. Suitable for smaller cleaning jobs in shops and offices as well as small warehouses and workshops, these vacuum cleaners are tough, hard wearing machines with loads of power and capacity.

The three larger models are all high capacity machines with two featuring twin motors and one incorporating three motors. All the machines use 40mm hoses and tool sets, which on these machines include a large 40cm floor brush, a 40cm squeegee, a crevice tool and a round brush.

Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners

Spitwater’s industrial vacuum cleaner range, Delfin is an Italian-made line of specially selected vacuum cleaners designed for use in true industrial applications such as high volume water collection, fine dust collection using high level of filtration and continuous usage.

Feature highlights of Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners include all steel construction, bypass motors with individual control, option to use suction hose up to 80mm in diameter, standard pocket filters with efficiency down to 1 micron, electronic filter indicators and manual filter shakers.

Delfin machines are typically used in large industrial applications coupled to large surface concrete grinders as well as in conjunction with large production machines where fast and continuous removal of waste is required.

Highly specialised machines in the Spitwater Delfin range include compressed air driven and explosion proof models designed for use in mines and oil rigs. These machines have no electric motors, using venturi suction units instead and are fitted with a special anti-static filter.

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